Embedding a Google form is a great option when you need to collect information and you'd like to save the information in a database or access it with Excel.


Whenever you embed content forms or Video, we recommend you use the free service at http://embedresponsively.com/ which makes embedded content mobile friendly. Use the "Generic iFrame" option.

Google Forms

First, create your Google form by going to http://google.com/forms and following the prompts. For help creating a Google Form, to learn how to share access and more visit Google's Help Center.

Once your form is created you can get the embed code (see below):

  1. Click Send to open the Send Form

  2. Click the "< >" to reveal the embed code

  3. Click Copy to copy the code to your clipboard... you may want to adjust the height or width depending on your form and where you plan to use it

Adding the form to a page on your website

Once you have created and copied the form you can add it to your page. Navigate to the page you want to embed the form by clicking Manage Website > Pages > [select the page]

You'll need to add a new content element if you don't already have one for your embed, click the Image icon > Embed tab and paste your embed code. Save the embed and then save the page and the embed form will appear on the public page.

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