Business Data is information the factual information about your business, we allow you to manage this information centrally across a few different sections.

Some of this data is used on your website and some is used when syndicating content or synchronizing information including through Local Connections™ as well as synchronizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Thus, updating your Locable profile can update how you appear many places around the internet.

Note the option to identify as a nonprofit/cause as well as a Membership Organization which enables you to track and highlight members - great for Chambers, Main Street Associations, Lead Gen Groups etc

Think of it as the things you would say about your business in conversation - your name, your address, phone number, social media profiles, the company leadership etc.

Why is Business Data separate from website data?

Business Data changes from time to time and while it should update your website it should also update any linked social media profiles or other presence on the internet.

We created it as a separate area to support this notion of core information vs how a website shows that core information.

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