Many local businesses already have listings on Locable's Publisher Network and linking them to a Locable account is a great initial step.

There are 3-ways to link a listing to Locable or create one if one doesn't yet exist.

First, if you're signed into your local publisher's site you can visit your listing or listing management pages and click Upgrade to Locable then follow the process of creating a Locable account with your listing as the source.

Second, you can visit Locable directly and enter the URL of the listing to start the process of creating your Locable account using your listing as the source. In this case, if you hadn't already claimed the listing it will be claimed i.e. you'll be made the owner of the listing when linking accounts.

Finally, if no listing exists on Locable's Publisher Network you can use your Locable account to create a listing - and you'll be set as the owner. When signed into Locable click Linked Accounts in the left-hand navigation then Locable and then select your preferred 'home' Locable Publisher site and click the Add your business to Locable button.

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