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Uploading Images to the Media Library
Uploading Images to the Media Library
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Your website and marketing activities are greatly enhanced by including images of your business and your community. These personalized images and photos can help to create a more engaging, authentic, and memorable experience for website users.

You can upload images by going to Media Library > Images.

You can drag and drop images into this field, OR you can click 'Choose Images' to select images from your computer:

You can select one image file or multiple image files (by holding down the Ctrl key or the Command key on your keyboard). Once you've selected the images you want to upload, click 'Open'.

NOTE: Simply uploading images doesn't automatically add them to content but rather includes them in your 'virtual hard drive'.

Once you've uploaded images into the Media Library, you can add them to blog posts, event listings or place them on your website

NOTE: Any images uploaded through content, the web builder, etc are all available in the Media Library and can then be edited.

You can find more details about recommended image sizing here.

You can also find information here about recommended images for your website.

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