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Adding New Custom Page & Page Elements
Adding New Custom Page & Page Elements

Adding new pages and elements to pages is fast and easy. Here are some basics.

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As you continue to grow your marketing you'll likely want to add new pages to your website and/or add Landing Pages to use with specific ads.

To Add a Page click Website > Manage Webpages in the left-hand menu. From here there are 2 ways to add a new page:

1) Clone (Copy) an existing page - this will copy the entire page EXCEPT for embed codes and photos.

2) Create a Custom Page - this will build a new webpage and will start with a template of content blocks.

Content Blocks on your web pages

The new Custom page loads with 3 default blocks as a template, to begin with: a Hero, Columns, and a Content Block. You can add more blocks of content to the page from the footer bar, including a Simple Text Block and an Embed tool.

You can edit the text in each block by clicking right into the existing text. You can add links, change the layout and add images using the orange toolbar above each block. And you can move the blocks by clicking and dragging the 'hamburger' icon to the left of the block.

NOTE: for best results, editing your website should be done from a computer, not from your phone or tablet.

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