Adding a Community Calendar to your website is a great way to support local organizations and look great in the process.

This will show you how to create the calendar and add it to your website.

This process will take just a few minutes and while it may seem daunting with a few steps please remember, you'll probably do this only once or twice and then be done!

Note: You can always add or remove who you Support after the Calendar is installed AND new events will appear automatically when they post or import events into their Locable account!

If you get stuck, contact us for help. This animation is broken down step-by-step below.

1- Create a Calendar

Click Community Calendar button on your Dashboard in the Getting Started section or click Events -> Calendar Embeds in the navigation then edit or create a calendar.

2- Give the Calendar a Name

You can have multiple calendars if you'd like so a name is important.

3- Choose what content to include

Do you want your events to appear, other organizations or both? 

You can Support organizations and group them into Local Network - you may only have 1 network but you can also organize businesses into multiple networks.

If you've already setup your Local Network, perhaps as part of setting up a directory, skip to Step 6

4a- Add businesses and nonprofits that you want to support to the Calendar and Network

Click Manage Businesses from the screenshot above. You can add from your Companies & Causes contact database by clicking in the space.

4b- Or you can Add New Company

Start typing the name of the business or nonprofit to see if it exists in Locable's database. 

You may want to try a couple variations of the name if you can't find what you're looking for i.e. "Webster Community Theater" or "Webster Community Theatre"

1 - If you find what you're looking for click "This is It"
2 - If you don't find what you're looking for click "Add it Manually"

Later you can invite any company or cause you add to participate by posting events and Supporting you back.

5- Repeat this process to add more companies and causes

You can always add more later!!!

6- Save the Calendar Embed

7- Installing the Calendar

If you are a Locable website client we'll help you install it through our web builder - you're done here.

If your website is not with Locable, you can add the calendar by Copying the embed code and adding that to your current website on the page(s) you want it to appear.

If you have a webmaster, simply email them the code and tell them where you'd like it to appear. Alternatively, we can help with installation on your existing website

Don't forget to invite your Local Connections™ to participate so they can post content and support you right back ;)

If you get stuck at any point, we're here to help.

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