One of the initial activities to building your website is the kickoff call with your Community Manager. 

It should take no longer than 30-minutes and it will remain focused on critical items i.e. we don't want to wander off topic!

This call will include:

  • A review of the build & launch process
  • An introduction to your Locable account and how to access the various sections
  • The information we'll need you to provide (content, replies to prompts, photographs) 

Preparing for the Kickoff Call

We use Google Meet for these calls so that we can easily do a screenshare i.e. show you our screen and point things out.

Google Meet requires either Chrome or Firefox browsers - if you don't use them please download Chrome here...

Accessing the Call

1- We'll send a calendar invite

2- Enable your microphone (or dial in by phone)

3a- Add your name if you're not signed in to Chrome

3b- Ask to Join Meeting

Accessing Your Locable Account

If you don't already have access, your community manager will add you to the account by sending you an invitation.
1- Accept Invite by Clicking Link in Email

2- Set a Password for your Locable account
If you forget it, you can reset it on the sign in page.

3- You're Signed in!
In Locable, you can manage one or more accounts which is great if you're involved with multiple businesses, nonprofits, clubs etc. 

Click the account you want to access.

4- Your Account Dashboard

Don't worry, we'll show you around and you'll feel comfortable in no time.

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