One of the initial activities to building your website is the kickoff call with your Community Manager. 

It should take no longer than 30-minutes and it will remain focused on critical items i.e. we don't want to wander off topic!

This call will include:

  • A review of the build & launch process

  • An introduction to your Locable account and how to access the various sections

  • The information we'll need you to provide (content, replies to prompts, photographs) 

Preparing for the Kickoff Call

We use Google Meet for these calls so that we can easily do a screenshare i.e. show you our screen and point things out.

Google Meet requires either Chrome or Firefox browsers - if you don't use them please download Chrome here...

Accessing the Call

1- We'll send a calendar invite

2- Enable your microphone (or dial in by phone)

3a- Add your name if you're not signed in to Chrome

3b- Ask to Join Meeting

Accessing Your Locable Account

If you don't already have access, your community manager will add you to the account by sending you an invitation.
1- Accept Invite by Clicking Link in Email

2- Set a Password for your Locable account
If you forget it, you can reset it on the sign in page.

3- You're Signed in!
In Locable, you can manage one or more accounts which is great if you're involved with multiple businesses, nonprofits, clubs etc. 

Click the account you want to access.

4- Your Account Dashboard

Don't worry, we'll show you around and you'll feel comfortable in no time.

5- Website Project Management Dashboard
We streamline the process of getting information from you about your business for the website.

It can feel daunting - we break down the process into small pieces and use our integrated project management tools to make it easy for you to communicate with your Customer Success Manager and get your website launched.

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