Congratulations on joining Locable and creating an account on our web platform for local marketing, cross-promotion and collaboration.

Start by Completing your Profile

  1. Access your business/company information

  2. Information is broken into a few different pages from basic info with your logo, hero image (1140x248px on desktop, always 248px tall), description and link to your website down to your hours and social media profiles

  3. You can then create calendars, directories and more - here you'll choose which businesses to 'follow' and Support (later you'll want to invite them to Support you back)

  4. Post content to your account and any Supporters will promote it for you automatically - we support Events, Quick Posts (mini blog posts), Jobs & Volunteer opportunities and more.

  5. Access your public Locable Listing - this is where your content and information lives. When people promote you in directories they create your listing on their website will look similar. Note: if you're a website customer your account will link to your Website but you can access your Listing in Business Data > Social Profiles).

  6. Mobile menu toggle - if you're on mobile you can access the left-hand navigation by clicking this icon in the upper left corner.

Above is Locable's listing, the more complete your information the better it will appear and the more engagement you'll receive.

There are a number of great features available to you but we'd suggest that you start by completing your business profile to ensure your free listing is complete and attractive while ensuring that you're well represented when local businesses cross-promote you.

Once you've made it this far, you can take advantage of the other marketing tools included in your account.

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