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Promoting Your Business or Organization
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If promoting your business or organization is a top priority then Locable is a great fit.

For most, promotion is tied to content.

Content? You ask...

That's exactly right because content comes in a number of different forms.

Our content engine includes easy-to-use content types such as:

  • Quick Posts (sort of like a Facebook post)

  • Before & After* posts to quickly compare two images

  • Photo Galleries* for lots of images in a search optimized way

  • Events (actually, post events, classes or deadlines) with a free embeddable calendar for your website

  • Offers & coupons to highlight discounts and get people to take action

  • Custom Posts for more control of longer-form posts - here's an example of how we use it at Locable

  • Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities to promote various opening and needs - again, free job board and volunteer opportunities board to add to your website

*Paid upgrade required

Customer Reviews are another type of content and we have tools to help you collect and promote great customer reviews without breaking a sweat.

This content helps with Search engines, powers social media shares and email newsletters plus it gets automatically distributed via Locable's Local Connections features to your local supporters.

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