Creating a Photo Gallery (and Featuring It On the Homepage)

Photo galleries are tremendously valuable and greatly enjoyed by readers. More than that, they are great fodder for social media.

In this tutorial, we show you how to quickly and easily add a gallery to an article (for maximum SEO & sharing) and then feature that gallery to appear on the homepage and the related categories where the article appears.

The great news is that, like many things with Locable Community Content Engine, you can accomplish a lot with a single click.

Creating a Gallery

Step 1 - Create an Article and add a Gallery (scroll to the bottom of the form). All galleries must be created through an article.


Step 2 - Upload and select desired images, reorder if necessary, then "Place Images"


Step 3 - Give the gallery a descriptive title. It's important for organization and SEO, we suggest using a day identifier like "September 2014".


Step 4 - Choose a Gallery Type from dropdown. Your options are as follows:

Default - Shows the gallery at the bottom of the article in a tile format

Carousel - Adds a Preview Carousel below the Main Image

Slider - Replaces Main Image with a Full Size Carousel that includes Title and Description for each image as shown below.

The Title and Description can be set by editing each image in the Media Library. Click the pencil icon on each image to open the editor. Make your changes and click update to save before selecting the next image.

Step 5 - Publish the article to take the Article and Gallery live.


Pro Tip: Upload gallery images before typing or copy and pasting article, you can hide the Media Library and have the images upload and process in the background.


Setting a Featured Gallery

It's important to understand that Featured Galleries will appear on the category(ies) where the article appears, this includes the homepage. As a result, if you intend to Promote an article to the homepage please do so before Featuring a gallery otherwise the gallery will NOT be added to the homepage.

To set a Featured Gallery simply click Manage Content > Galleries then click the Feature button to the left of the gallery you'd like to Feature. The system will update accordingly.