Adding video to your site is a great way to engage visitors in a more human and personal way. YouTube has become the standard for video hosting and is a great free option.

If you haven't already, you'll need to create a YouTube channel for your business and upload your video to the channel.

Once uploaded, you can get an 'embed' link from YouTube and add it to any page or content that you post in Locable. Once embedded, people can watch the video directly on your site and even view it in full-screen mode.

Above you can see an example of adding a video to content (in this case a "Quick Post") or a page in the hero's "Main Image" however you can add a video or any other embedded content pretty much anywhere an image is used by clicking into the "Embed" tab. You can play with different sizes of the video to best fit the location you're adding the video.

When you save the page/content the video will automatically be available for your visitors.

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