• Websites built with Locable's Marketing Platform
  • Websites built using another technology

With a Website built with Locable's Marketing Platform adding customer reviews to any page is as simple as adding the Reviews content block. Use the following steps to add reviews to one of your pages:

  1. Click Manage Website
  2. Click the name of the webpage you'd like to add reviews to
  3. Click the "Reviews" button to add reviews to the page body or sidebar
  4. (optional) Choose the default or column view - default shows one review at a time, column shows 3. Feel free to try it both ways to see which you like best
  5. (optional) Drag the reviews block to reorder
  6. Save the page

Promoting reviews on another website platform

Click into the Menu > Content & Distribution > Promote Reviews

Create a Reviews Widget, you can specify the layout to show either columns, one review at a time in a carousel or a feed of all published reviews.

You'll save the Widget and then copy the embed code to place on your website.

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