Quick Posts are like glorified Facebook status updates. They're meant to give you a quick option of posting content and updates about your business, industry or community.

Like the other content types, Quick Posts appear on your /blog page and are accessible in the feed widget you can place throughout your site.

When to use the Quick Post

Use the quick post when you have a message that can be easily supported with a single picture or video.

This will allow you to focus on a clear and concise message without spending much time worrying about the formatting.

1. Title - this is critical for readership, social media engagement and even SEO. Keep it clear and simple but include enough that people know what it's about and it includes keywords or phrases that will resonate with your audience.

2. Published Date - By default the date is set to the current time however you can backdate or schedule posts too.

3. Image or Media - Every post should have an image or other media which can be added through the Embed tab (such as a YouTube Embed)

4. Select Image - If using an image you can either Upload a new image or Browse images already uploaded. It's completely acceptable to reuse images in multiple ways... just make sure the image is relevant.

5. Main Content - This is the guts of the post. It doesn't have to be long, it can include a lot of bullet points and don't worry too much about formatting though feel free to experiment. Use this area to tell a story about what happened, why it happened, how you did it and any challenges you faced in the process.

6. Add relevant Categories & Tags - Learn more about Categories and Tags as well as how to use them with the Content Feed Component.

7. Publish to Facebook - You should link your business' Facebook page to your Locable account, once linked you can set content to auto-share. Please note, content reaches more people on Facebook when there is a custom message included so we'd encourage you to visit your page and edit the post to add a custom message.

8. Toggle Advanced Settings - It's always wise to take a moment and customize your advanced settings. With a Quick Post there's a single image so that's set to be the OG:IMAGE by default however customizing the OG:Description will improve presentation on Facebook and Google.

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