Collecting and showing customers reviews are two separately but related activities. When you add a customer to the database you can invite them to leave you a review, likewise, you can invite customers to leave you a review if they've been added to the database by completing a form on your site.

You can choose to allow reviews above a certain rating to automatically appear on your website by clicking Customers then Reviews and scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the minimum rating and saving. We recommend auto publishing 4 star reviews and above - you can always manually hide or show any review.

A published review will appear on your /reviews page, be eligible to appear in a reviews widget ( see the article about adding reviews to pages), and will be indexable by search engines or sharable on social media.

You can determine which account administrators will be notified of new customer reviews by click Set Notifications.

You can also link your account to a listing on Locable's Publisher Network, when you do this the reviews you collect will be accessible on your local publishers website on your directory listing.

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