When you're ready to take your site live there's just a couple steps that you'll need to complete. Reach out if you need some assistance

Important Note

Not all domain registrars or DNS management companies provide the same options. If yours are limited we STRONGLY recommend creating a free account at https://www.cloudflare.com/a/sign-up which also enables you to deliver your site securely using https.

See cloudflare instructions here

Once you point your nameservers to Cloudflare you have more control over your preferred settings.


  1. Add your custom domain to your account: Click Manage Website > Domain Settings then add your domain (with the "www") and make it Primary then Save
  2. Manage your domain and add or update the CNAME for www to point to www.impact.locable.com
  3. Setup a Forward aka 301 Redirect from "yourdomain.com" to "www.yourdomain.com"

Detailed Description

If you're comfortable with managing a domain, skip down to the "Updating Your Domain Settings" section.

Below you'll see how to:

  • Adjust existing entries to ensure email and other services continue working
  • Update your existing entries to point to your new Locable website
  • Update Locable to use your live domain

First, you'll need to have access to where your domain is managed - for most people that may be GoDaddy.com, Register.com or another registrar.

Note: it's possible your domain is registered at one provider and "managed" somewhere else, if you login and you do not have access to DNS settings this is likely the case.

Once you have access to your DNS settings you'll want to make a few updates, each provider has a different interface and even capabilities so contact us if you have any problems. The example above for Domains and below for Email is from providers like HostGator who use a CPANEL.

You should have an A record for @ that points to an IP address (a number like 12.34.567.890) and a CNAME that is for "www" and could point anywhere.

IMPORTANT - Ensure your other services remain active

Check to make sure that if there are other CNAMEs for anything else like "mail" that you delete the CNAME and create an A record for "mail" that points to the IP address being used by the @ A record.

Next, we need to make sure your email will still work by updating your MX records. In most cases MX records are shown where A record and CNAMEs are however it's possible depending on the provider that you use that MX records may be somewhere else like the example below.

Once editing the MX record you'll need to make sure that the existing records don't point to your main domain (someurl.com) as that domain is no longer going to be in the same place. Instead you'll need to update the record and prepend to mail.someurl.com. This assumes you had or created an A record for "mail" that points to the IP address that your old website is on.

Updating Your Domain Settings

This is a 3 step process to update you domain to work optimally with your new website and for SEO best-practices

  1. With your other updates in place, continue by updating the CNAME for www to point to www.impact.locable.com
  2. Delete the A record for @ that we referenced above and Save changes
  3. Setup a Forward or Redirect from someurl.com to www.someurl.com by going back to the CPANEL and clicking the Redirects option

Once here, select the option to Do Not Redirect www., the result will be that if someone types someurl.com (without the www) that the page will load www.someurl.com which is preferred.

These updates could appear immediately or could take hours, it's just the way of the internet. It is possible that your own computer or router may delay this process as well, so if the new site doesn't load you can always try another device like your mobile phone.

Updating Locable to Use Your Live Domain

Finally, you need to make one small adjustment to Locable to respond to your live domain. Click Manage Website > Domain Settings then add your domain (with the "www") and make it Primary then Save.

If you visit the old temporary domain it will redirect to the new Primary.

That's it, you're done and your site is live. Once it propagates (that is, shows up for you per the note above) share it with your friends and customers, post it to Facebook and twitter and start thinking about content.

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