Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs help improve site performance and while we use a CDN with our software you can add another layer. We recommend Cloudflare - they have a free service level which is quite useful and allows you to secure your site while speeding it up.

In addition to the performance benefits, they also have very good domain management capabilities so if your domain is managed by a provider with limited options this could be valuable.

Start by creating your Cloudflare account 

Visit, they'll walk you through a process and import in your current domain settings (it's like magic and takes about 1-minute).

Nothing will actually happen, however, until you change your name servers to point to Cloudflare (they provide you with 2 nameservers to use, use both). We recommend you do this right away, site visitors won't see any change at this point but it will give you more control.

If you need help with anything, let us know. We realize most people have no idea about this stuff.

When you're ready to go live 

First, see note above about Preparing to Update DNS Settings

To start making changes, click DNS option (3rd blue box from the left) and create (or edit) a CNAME for www to point to - see below.

You will need to delete the CNAME for www (if it exists). The A record for @ can be edited or replaced, simply point it to "".

Note, if anything says it "Points to @" you'll want to edit it to point to the IP address in the @ Value i.e instead of pointing at @ it'll point directly to the IP address - see below.

Now that the CNAME is added, we need to add a forward so if someone types in they actually end up at

To do this, first click Page Rules in the options at the top:

The click Create Page Rule, you need 1 rule as follows (notice we're using as an example).

In the first box type* - using your real domain. Then click the drop-down box and select Forwarding URL, you want to use a 301 Permanent Redirect.

In the box type,$1 - the www and trailing $1 are important. Then save.

Technically, your site is live though it may take a little time to update for you.

One last task for good measure, let's make the site secure!

Click on Crypto in the options at the top.

You'll specifically want to select the Full option in the SSL section then turn on the always use HTTPS option

Check your site by visiting (notice https not http), assuming it's resolving to our servers you'll see one of two options (if it's not resolving you just need to wait).

If you don't get the green Secure view above it means something on your site is trying to load an image or content using http:// - the fastest option is to just ask us to look and we can make a quick fix.


One more option with Cloudflare, you can speed up your site a smidge by clicking the Speed page then check the Auto Minify options. Paid accounts give you a few more options to speed things up a little.

All done!

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